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  Friday          5:30PM - 6:30PM  

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​604 Vestal Parkway West

Vestal, NY 13850

Fight Club

​The best way to acquire experience in Karate is to spar. This allows you to apply your techniques in real world situations or in competitions.  If you do not apply what you have learned; you cannot tell how flawlessly it will work against your opponent.  Sparring lets you experience face-to-face competition with higher confidence, so you can prevent yourself from feeling nervous or freezing up.  Sparring is also a great way to get in shape.  It will improve your reaction times, agility, and stamina. Best of all it will allow you to keep your emotions in check in any situation.  Safety is always kept in mind and all students will wear Karate sparring gear: including headgear, mouth piece, gloves and boots.