​Master Joe Carbo is a 4th Degree Master Black Belt who began training with Master Fairbanks at the age of 3. He holds many GrandChampion awards as well as many tournament championships. Outside of karate he is an excellent student at Johnson City High School and Accomplished Baseball Player.

​He has an amazing way of teaching both Children and Adults.

Our 2nd Degree Black Belts:

​ Peter Ryan, Niki Fairbanks, Nicole Scholl, Tammi Meek, Gabe O'Donnell, Jaden Buckingham, Kaleb Alari, Ed Fabrizio, and Jason Mitchell.  All assist in classes and enjoy sharing their passion for the Martial Arts.

​We have an accomplished group of 1st Degree Black Bels whom train for a minimum of 4 years and go through strict testing with Master Fairbanks before going in front of the Testing board of the ITO with Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe.

​After passing their Black Belt test they must complete the Black Belt challenge in NJ which consist of 10 difficult excersise including but not limited to: 100 Knuckle push-ups, 200 stomach crunces, 100 knee Tucks, 100 Lunges, 100 Squat Jumps and More!! The Pride they feel when finished shows the Pride of A true Martial Artist!


Master Cathy Fairbanks is a 5th degree master belt with over 18 years of training in Tang Soo Do.  She holds grand championship titles all over the world including a world circuit champion belt and many grand champion trophies for sparring, forms and weapons. Master Fairbanks is very good working with children with disabilities and she encourages and inspires her students to do their best whether in class, in school, or at home.  At Fairbanks Karate, you are not just a student, you're part of the family.


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