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Where a black belt is

only a white belt who

never gave up.

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Sam Dan

Joe Carbo: Mr. Carbo is a 3rd degree black belt with over 13 years in Tang Soo Do training.   He was Master Fairbanks 1st student in 2003.  Mr. Carbo holds a world title in breaking and has many grand champion trophies.

Ee Dan

Peter Ryan: Mr. Ryan is a second degree black belt training for 8 years in Tang Soo Do.

Nicole Scholl: Miss Scholl is second degree black belt with  years of training in Tang Soo Do.

Justin Hunsinger:  Mr. Hunsinger is a second degree black belt training for 7 years in Tang Soo Do. 

Niki Fairbanks: Miss Fairbanks is a second degree black belt. When competing, Miss Fairbanks is one of the few martial artists to perform in weapons using the fan.   

Tammi Meek

Gabe O'Donnell 

Jaden Buckingham

Cho Dan

Kaleb Alari

Elizabeth Cooper

Parker Sage

Ed Fabrizio

​Jason Mitchell

Laura Sage

Collette O'Donnell

Sullivan O'Donnell

Eddie Fabrizio

Vincent Lucenti

Koston Alari

Chase Howard

Emma Cooper

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Master Cathy Fairbanks is a 4th degree master belt with over 18 years of training in Tang Soo Do.  She holds grand championship titles all over the world including a world circuit champion belt and many grand champion trophies for sparring, forms and weapons. Master Fairbanks is very good working with children with disabilities and she encourages and inspires her students to do their best whether in class, in school, or at home.  At Fairbanks Karate, you are not just a student, you're part of the family.