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2024 Fairbanks Karate Tournament Rules

General Rules 

  • Traditional Uniforms must be worn. NO T-SHIRTS as uniforms. 
  • Proper discipline and respect must be maintained at all times. Any disrespect or improper attitudes will cause participant to be immediately disqualified. 
  • No Instructors, Spectators, or other Competitors (who are not competing in that event) are allowed within the designated competitor area, unless they are judging, holding boards for breaking or at the request of the Tournament Director.  Anyone failing to abide by these rules will be ejected from the tournament and the competitor will be disqualified from that event.
  • There will be 3 or 5 judges in each ring. 
  • When there are five judges, the low and the high scores will be dropped from total score to determine winners. In the case of a tie, the high and low scores will be added back into the total score to determine winners. 
  • Competitors must compete within their age group and divisions; unless, they have approval from the tournament director.

Breaking Rules 

  • All competitor will attempt three separate breaks
  • Materials for breaking: Pre-K 2-4 Years Old use discretion, Mini-Peewee 5 to 8 Years Old use 3” or 4”x12”, Peewee & Youth 9 to 14 Years Old use 6”x12”, Juniors 15 to 17 Years Old use 8”x12”, Adults 18+ Years Old use 8” or 10”x12”; All must be a minimum of 1” REAL traditional pinewood (not artificial).  Exception to the Pre-K 2-4 Years old. 
  •  Competitors must supply their own wood.
  •  Only competitors and their holders are allowed in the ring.
  •  Holders must be in uniform.
  •  In the case of a tie, competitors will attempt a one board break of their choice different from their original break(s).
  • ALL breaks must be attempted, with no more than 3 attempts per break. Exception: any double breaks where only one of the two groups is broken.
  • No spacers may be used, including fingers.  Holders may not attempt to "help" the competitor by bending, moving, or pushing the boards; any attempt to do will results in a 0.5-point deduction for each instance. Any attempt to physically alter the boards will result in disqualification of the competitor. 
  • Any double breaks attempted at the same time (ex. Double palm strike) will be considered one technique. If only one set is broken, it is considered one break.  If the competitor attempts to break the other set, it will be considered the second of the three separate breaks.  If both sets boards are broken in one attempt, this is considered one of the three breaks.

Forms and Weapons Rules 

  • The use of music is not allowed.
  • In the event of a tie competitors will be asked to perform a form different than the first one they did. The choice of form will be chosen by the Judges.
  • Chil Sung and Non-Traditional Tang Soo Do forms will be in the same divisions as Traditional Tang Soo Do forms.

Sparring Rules

  • Foam dipped sparring gear for head, hands, and feet, plus mouth guard are required for sparring in all divisions
  • Boys/Men must wear a protective athletic supporter.

Illegal techniques: 

  • Spinning hand techniques.
  • Any contact of any kind to the face.  
  • Any contact to the top of the head (Whack-a-mole).
  • Below the belt kicks, sweeping or hand techniques.
  • Techniques thrown to the spine area.

Not Allowed: 

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct such as “Showboating” (i.e., jumping up and down, raising your hand in air, cheering for oneself, etc.) when a point is scored or thought to be scored by the competitor 
  • Running out of the ring. 
  • Coaching from the sidelines from instructors, parents, etc. 
  • Arguing with a judges call. 

All of the above can result in a warning, loss of point, or disqualification.

Scoring System: 

  • All hand and kicks (standing, jumping, back) techniques to the body, to the side of head or forehead with control are one point.  Judges have the discretion not to award a point that was not delivered with control.
  • A point and a warning CANNOT be given at the same time.
  • In the case of judges calling “no see”, more than one judge must have seen the point in order for it to be scored

Warning System: 

  • The majority of judges must agree in order for a warning to be called. 
  • The first warning is for the competitor’s benefit. 
  • The second warning is minus point. 
  • The third warning is disqualification. 
  • Judges may go directly to minus a point or disqualification depending on the severity of the infraction. 
  • Warnings do not have to be of the same infraction to qualify for minus a point or disqualification. 
  • A warning and a point cannot be given at the same time. 
  • A warning is given when any of the aforementioned rules are broken.